Investigation in a swiss slaughterhouse - Ponts-de-Martel

This footage, shot in november 2018, is from the Ponts-de-Martel slaughterhouse, in the region of Neuchâtel.

This is now the fourth Swiss slaughterhouse investigation released by the PEA. Once again, we witness the same atrocities: animals struggling with all their strength to survive, killed in front of each other - often in breach of the legislation on slaughter with failed stuns and animals probably being killed whilst still conscious.

When will we finally understand that there is no humane way to kill an individual that does not want to die?

Nevertheless, the canton of Neuchâtel and the Swiss Confederation have funded the renovation of this place of death with no less than one million Swiss francs. Our taxes are directly funding these atrocities.

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Behind the walls, the animals are suffering…

This cow gives a last look to the worker who is about to kill her.

The photo contains sensitive content
which some people may find disturbing.


No matter their species, no one escapes from the slaughterhouse.

This sow will be electrocuted during endless seconds before she loses consciousness.

The photo contains sensitive content
which some people may find disturbing.


Some animals have their throat slit while they are probably still conscious.

The photo contains sensitive content
which some people may find disturbing.


Here, depersonalized and killed at an assembly-line pace, animals are nothing more than products.

Every single one of these animals was an individual who cared about their life.

Why is this possible?

How can we justify being shocked at the sight of these images when everything is done in full respect of the law? The reason is simple: we kill animals against their will and this can only be done with violence, by fighting back when they resist.

But when confronted to stunning boxes, cattle prods, electrical tongs, metal bars and captive bolt pistols, how could any animal escape? It is profoundly hypocritical to pretend that there is a "humane way" of killing animals who fight for their lives.

Slaughterhouses make up a violent and, by definition, murderous institution. They are the highest expression of the law of the strongest, which our society claims to have overcome.

The animals need our help. Let's shut down the slaughterhouses!

In modern societies, our relation to animals is based on speciesism. As an analogy with racism and sexism, speciesism is an ideology according to which the life and the interests of animals can be overlooked for the only reason that they belong to a different species.

The only explanation for our acceptance of these killings is the fact that we consider animals as disposable objects, with which we can do whatever we please.

However, as scientific studies have shown, animals could not be further from objects; they experience complex subjective lives, have preferences, desires, and each has their own personality.

Speciesism is indefensible, because human beings are not the only ones capable of emotions. Therefore, we need to respect the lives and interests of the other sentient beings with whom we share this planet.

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Our taxes fund animal abuse

Petition for the attention of the Great Council and the State Council of Neuchâtel

Ladies and Gentlemen, members of the Council,

The PEA Association has released footage of a slaughterhouse in Ponts-des-Martel on the website. In this video one can see that the slaughter of animals is perpetuated under appalling conditions and frequently in violation of the Swiss legislation on animal protection.

For these reasons, the association has filed a criminal complaint with the Public Prosecutor's Office, as well as a copy of it with the Consumer and Veterinary Affairs Service (SCAV).

During its renovation in 2013, the State of Neuchâtel provided a grant of CHF 694,000 to the regional slaughterhouse in Les Ponts-de-Martel and the Swiss Confederation also contributed a similar amount (see page 21 of this report). We can therefore state that public money subsidises the animal abuse that takes place in this slaughterhouse.

We therefore request your authority provide its opinion on the following questions:

  • How does your authority position itself regarding the fact that the State of Neuchâtel and our taxes subsidise a company that does not respect the law on the protection of animals and mistreats them?
  • How can you explain that the veterinary services have permitted this situation to occur, as they are responsible for ensuring compliance with animal protection legislation?
  • How do you intend to respond to stop this suffering?

Considering that it is unacceptable for public funds to be used to perpetuate an unfair system that exploits and kills vulnerable individuals, we ask you to refuse to provide all future subsidies to a company whose purpose is to exploit or kill animals.

Thank you in advance for your reply. We send you, ladies and gentlemen, our sincerest regards.

Together for the animals

The association PEA - Pour l'Égalité Animale (for animal equality) aims to end speciesism and bring about an egalitarian society for all animals. It is urgent to end the unjustifiable exploitation of animals and to start respecting the life of every sentient being, whether they are human or not.

Our success depends entirely on the work of volunteers and is only possible thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

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Photo: 123RF/backyardphotography

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